Video Subtitling Services

Make sure your audio-visual files are understood by everyone! FIDUS’ team of professional scriptwriters and video editors are eager to help you translate the spoken content of your audio-visual files into words, always paying special attention to cultural and social connotations.

Most of our clients are individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and media corporations with video content requiring subtitles in more than 150 languages.

As we all know, video is one of the most effective marketing tools . Most of the consumers prefers a video rather than to read a manual when being introduced to a product. If you want your business to grow and get international audience, the quality of the translated subtitles is essential. 

Subtitles for films, documentaries, promotional material, and services for deaf and hard of hearing are the most requested ones. At FIDUS Translations we have a group of handpicked qualified scriptwriters with at least 5 years of experience that can offer two types of subtitling : pre-recorded subtitling and the live subtitling.

Pre-recorded subtitling

Also known as captions . These ones make the audio content accessible to all the people who speak a different language or are deaf/ hard of hearing.

When we add the subtitles, we need first to create time codes to make the subtitles appear at the right time . Once we have the time codes, it’s time to turn the audio into text and once the text is proofread the subtitles are burned onto the video.

Live subtitling

There are also known as speech-to- text transcripts (STT) . These ones transcribe every word a speaker says using a special electronic keyboard.

This keyboard allows them to type phonetically, that means that they type how words sound rather than how they are spelt . The words are immediately converted back into English using a computer software. 

We can offer same-language subtitles, translated subtitles and subtitles for the dead and hard of hearing.  

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