Proofreading & Editing Services

Check the quality of your documents before publishing them! Timely editing and proofreading is a future victory. FIDUS Translations has specialised staff who professionally edit and proofread in more than 200 languages, and are responsible for detecting any grammatical errors, inconsistencies, formatting problems and much more.

Improve the effectiveness of your messages!

Difference between our

At FIDUS we offer Editing & Proofreading services . Both are quite similar but different at the same time. The main difference is that the proofreading service offers a surface-level check, and the editing also corrects issues at the core of writing (sentence construction…).

Proofreading services

You should opt for proofreading services when you only require basic grammar, punctuation and spelling check because you are confident of the language and structure of your document. In a nutshell, when your document needs to undergo a final check before submission.

Our professional team of proofreaders will offer you first- class review and improvement of your writing skills, ensuring an error free and easy to read files. Our proofreading services include:

    – Grammar, spelling and punctuation correction

    – Consistency

    – Improvement of the word choice

    – Feedback with all the corrections. Our proofreaders will provide detailed feedback and recommendations to their corrections. All the comments or suggestions will be noted in the right- hand margin of your document.

At Fidus we work with every format. Our system supports over 14 formats (Word, PDF, Powepoint, Google Docs, Excel, Plain Text, LaTeX, Rich Text, ODT, JPG, Illustrator, InDesign…). 

How do we do it?

All your documents will be proofread using the Track Changes feature In Microsoft Word. This will allow you to view all the corrections easily and accept or reject the changes recommended by our linguists. 


You should opt for editing services if your document needs substantial revisions for clarity and readability or if you want to polish and refine your writing deeply. 

In addition to the proofreading work, our editors will refine your documents ensuring the greatest possible impact on your readers. This service includes:

-Restructuration of some sentences and paragraphs in order to ensure concision and clarity

-The editors can apply your preferred style guide to your documents

– The editors will ensure that the tone of your writing matches its purpose.

To make it easier, our editing services include proofreading services. However, our proofreading services do not include the editing ones. Nevertheless, both proofreading and editing services will improve the quality of your writing.

What documents do we proofread?

No matter If you are an academic, author, business, or Job applicant at FIDUS we will make sure that your documents are not rejected because of spelling and grammar errors. Our proofreading services cover all the disciplines by matching your document to an experienced and professional editor. The most common documents we edit are the following:


Manuscript, Play, Novel, Article, Poetry, Story, Magazine, Script, Ebook


Dissertation, Essay, Thesis, Research paper, Assignment, Journal article, Personal statement, PhD proposal, Statement of Purpose, Term paper, PhD, Admission Essay…


Manuals, Website content, Marketing material, Reports, Legal document, Presentation, Blog, Speech, Newsletter, Press releases…


Cv, Cover Letter, Personal Document, Email…

Upload you document to our website or send us an email and let us know your turnaround time. 

Project Manager

…will review the document and the requirements and will send you a quote immediately. He will be assisting your project from the beginning until the end.

As soon as you will confirm all your preferences with them, they will look for the best editor possible for your project.


The editor will edit and proofread your documents. All our team of editors make sure that the documents are reviewed twice before being delivered.

The documents will be delivered to you as soon as they will be ready.

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