FAQ! Need help?


1. What is FIDUS?

FIDUS is a Professional Linguistic Services Agency in London (57 Berkeley Square, W1J 6ER, Mayfair). We have been offering Linguistic Services to thousands of clients around the world.

Our team is made up of more than 2,000 talented professional linguists specialized in over 150 languages.

2. What makes you DIFFERENT FROM OTHER linguistic agencies?

1. The word FIDUS means loyal and trustworthy in Latin, because the most important thing for us is the loyalty of our clients. 

2. FIDUS has collaborated with economists and lawyers to develop the Formula B2M, Business to Manager. Thanks to this NEW system , we assign a manager to each one of our clients in order to adapt, personalise manage and globalise their projects individually and with costs in mind.

3. Hit the Market Faster!

4. Solutions Tailored with Quality Assurance.

  And a requirement is that the projects are adapted to the culture and criteria of our client

3. Do you work with Companies and Privates Clients?

We offer linguistic services to both .  FIDUS has a specialized team of managers for private clients and another one for companies.

4. How many languages do we offer services in?

More than 150, each country and region is unique, and FIDUS is proud to know each and every one.

5. What is the FIDUS Brand Culture?

Loyalty, Amazing Work, Competence and Confidentiality.

6. How is FIDUS defined?

Qualified company with High Standards.      Punctual.         Pro-Active 24/7 and Confidentiality

7. What are the Benefits of Fidus services?

Fidus and its multicultural team help companies to obtain a product that reaches exactly the market they want, opening new markets and obtaining better results .

Private individuals benefit from speed, good service, and multiple means to finalize their projects.

8. How can we Contract with Fidus Translations?

Phone  +44 (0) 7379 093279      and      Email  Info@FidusTranslations.com


1. what Services does fidus offer?

Translation, interpreting, video subtitling, proofreading, desktop publishing (DTP), voice-over, localisation, content summarisation, transcription, transcreation and more services

Check the web site www.fidustranslations.com/services to more information.

2. Why are fidus services so good?

We know the market and the business so we offer a good service – incredible customer service, and quality freelancers, selected for the best projects.

3. Which industries does FIDUS work in?

More than 40 among them law, economy, construction, aesthetic products, food products, banks, charities, animals, games, etc.

Every week we draw up a list of the industries that stand out in the market in order to offer them our services, which is why we continue to expand the sectors where the Fidus brand is present.

4. What can you translate?

We can translate any type of document. Most popular:

Office: Word, Excel, PDF, Power Point, Plain Text…

Web: HTML/ XHTML, ASP, JSP, PHP, Javascript…

Desktop Publishing: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator…

Software: XLIFF, C, C++, C#, Java, exe, rc, SQL Server…

5. What is a Certified Translation?

A Certified Translation includes a statement explaining that the translation of the requested document by the client is a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’ , it must also include the contact details of the translation company and the date of the translation.

This type of translations is generally requested for Legal, Notarial or Administrative purposes.

6. What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is a Certificate that Authenticates the Origin of a Public deed . The requirement for an apostille or legalisation depends on the country of destinations and type of the document.

The Apostille facilitates the circulation of public deeds within the signatory States of the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961.

7. How can I Legalise my document?

At FIDUS we help our clients to legalise their documents. You just need to send us the files and we will take the responsibility of all the translation and legalisation steps.

8. How do I know if I need to legalise my document?

It really depends on the type of document and the country of the destination. In general, the documents that need to be legalized are private deeds and the documents that need an apostille are certificates of civil registration, judicial acts, affidavits, notarized and administrative deeds.

9. What is a Sworn Translation?

A sworn translation is provided by Expert Translators that have done an Exam.

10. What does Proofreading mean?

It means Perfection, a second qualified professional checks the document in case it needs to be perfected a service that is always available and of high quality.

11. Is it possible to keep the layout of my document or can I modify the design?

At FIDUS, we offer Desktop Publishing (DTP) services so that the final visual result of your document is as expected regardless of the changes that the target language may produce.

There is no print, brochure, leaflet, or any other creative document that our graphic design specialists can’t handle.

Visit  https://fidustranslations.com/services/desktop-publishing/ for more information.

12. Can you Translate Websites?

The answer is YES.

At FIDUS we can do the translation using the original files (we can translate directly to your website’s source code: HTML, XML, PHP…) or we can also do the translation in editable text format.

13. Why translate into Braille?

Globally, at least 2.2 billion people have vision impairment. All the companies and organisations are required by law to offer documents in Braille.

Social awareness is very important!

Check the service:   https://fidustranslations.com/services/translations-services/#braille-services

General Questions

1. FIDUS use Google translate in your projects?

NO, we would never use google translate. Google translate + other translation tools are very handy for people who needs a quick translation to get a general idea of a sentence, segment etc.

However, we would never recommend them for companies that aim at international growth.

2. The document I would like to translate is highly confidential. Can I trust in your company?

Yes, you can. All our translators sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting to work with us. 

Fidus uses encryption in all our technology and tracking of every process! Did you know that the mouse that Fidus works are encrypted?

Discretion and Confidentiality are our core values.

3. How can I count the words of my document?

You can send us an estimated word count, or you can just send us the document and one of our project managers will count them for you.

Please note that a full A4 page contains about 250 words.

4. How are projects sent and received?

The client chooses the easiest method, Email and Post are the most common, and in any format, and non-priority delivery is included in the final price.

Do you still have questions?